Dennis Koot
Graphic Design

June, 2017 – Hokjesgeest

Hokjesgeest is this year's theme for the annual competition for art students to design a poster. I organize this together with De Affiche Galerij and When you translate 'hokjesgeest' it will be something like 'compartmentalization': labeling and categorizing people.

The 56 best posters are now exhibited in Den Haag and Breda. This is the poster for both exhibitions.

May, 2017 – The Map Docs

Since this year I am also a Map Doc! During events I make mappings about important and unimportant subjects. This month I launched a website and a Facebook page. Go check it!

April, 2017 – Medium Deluxe

My friend + photographer Jeronimus van Pelt is an all-rounder: he works on more than making pictures. Together with Eric Stofmeel and Peter Reijn he is Medium Deluxe and they make creative media products. Their website will come soon but the logo and businesscards are there!

March, 2017 – Day of The Hague History 2017

In two weeks the yearly festival 'Dag van de Haagse Geschiedenis' will be at Plein again. This is the poster that is hanging now in the city.

January, 2017 – Auteursbond

At the beginning of this new year The Dutch Association of Writers and Translators (Vereniging van Schrijvers en Vertalers) got a new name: Auteursbond. This goes with a new visual identity. It is launched with a.o. stationary and a website.

October, 2016 – North Sea Poetry

Poet Arthur Lava (Howard Krol) organizes each year a poetry night called North Sea Poetry. This year I designed the poster for it. Tickets soon available for some 'poetry with a bite'...

September, 2016 – Website Haagse Historie (The Hague History)

Together with web guru Robert Vonk I made as a search engine for all questions about the history of my town The Hague. It is intended to look like the 'sister' of the HIP site. See more here.

July, 2016 – New Pin-up poster

I have been more busy with projects for clients lately, but luckely I found some time to screen print another pin-up: Christopher2. See Christopher1 and the other pin-ups here.

June, 2016 – 9th Graphic Design Student Poster Project

This years theme of the annual student poster competition I organize with De Affiche Galerij and is 'Safe Sex in 2016'. The academies from Antwerp, Arnhem, Breda, Den Bosch, Eindhoven and Rotterdam are joining this year.
This is the series of posters I designed to announce both winner exhibitions.

April, 2016 – Event style Day of The Hague History

For the second time I created the event style of the one day festival 'Dag van de Haagse Geschiedenis' (Day of The Hague History).

March, 2016 – EU logo returns due to success

The Dutch government decided that the EU2004 logo is still good enough to use again in 2016! I worked on it 12 years ago at Studio Dumbar and I liked seeing it on a sunny morning in March near the parliament building.

February, 2016 – New website for Dutch artist - designer

I just finished the design for Ton of Hollands new website Now online!

January, 2016 – New year, new type

I made a typeface called Knijper Sans in 2015. It is inspired on a clothespin and I made a poster of it and I send it as a new year wish to my friends and family. See more details here.